Labor relations or Human Resources consulting

Con nuestro labor advice both in individual matters and in collective labor relations (including collective bargaining) You will have covered in an efficient and direct way, without intermediaries, any aspect related to the field of labor relations. For this, in our consultancy we use a state-of-the-art system that allows us to perfectly apply the legal regulations (international, national or regional) and conventional regulations in force at all times. We are two expert professionals, with more than thirty years of practice in Labor law and social security and labor audit.

With the help of modern technologies, this advice is achieved at any time and in the most immediate way (24 x 365 model).

In Labor Audit, the appropriate report will be prepared that will contain the real image of the legal-labour and Social Security situation of the client company, its possible contingencies for socio-labour purposes, delimiting and assessing those risks or contingencies as precisely as possible. . This can be carried out at any time during the life of the Company or in anticipation of a process of purchase, sale or transformation of the legal status of a Company.

A Labor Legal Audit is also an efficient instrument to significantly improve the competitiveness of your company, guaranteeing sustainable growth in a highly competitive context.

Avoiding administrative sanctions or of any other type is our responsibility.