Labor litigation service

Legal defense of the Company or workers in labor procedures of any kind

Before the Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Services; Social or contentious-administrative courts and regional or national Labor Courts and before the state, regional or provincial Administration (especially before the Labor Inspectorate) with competences in labor or Social Security matters)

It is the purpose of the professional firm to maintain and continue with the same level of efficiency in acting before Courts as that carried out both in defense of the Savings Banks by the Managing Partner and in the national company for which the other of its members has served as Director of Labor Relations.

The methodology used to date and which has been characterized by highly personalized work with the internal managers of the Companies in this field, or where appropriate with the workers in front of the companies, consists of preparing the different phases to which it extends. the labor procedure, elaborating this professional office the guide or instruction document, or the demand in its case, which will reflect the fundamentals to be handled by the acting lawyer.

Another of the chapters of services to be provided will be the representation and legal assistance of the client Company before the Labor Administration, in all phases of the procedure.