Equality Plans

We offer comprehensive and more specific advice on the preparation, implementation and monitoring of Equality Plans, as a specific obligation required of Companies with more than 250 workers, which is carried out in collaboration with I|O ASESORES, as leading national experts in the field.

As expressed in article 46 of Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for the effective equality of women and men, an Equality Plan is a set of measures to be implemented, to achieve equal treatment and equality in a company. opportunities between men and women.

An Equality Plan is also a tool for a more effective management of human resources in the company that introduces innovative forms of management and organization.
The companies that are obliged to prepare and apply an Equality Plan are the following:

  • Those with more than 250 people on staff
  • Those bound by collective agreement
  • Those in which the labor authority had agreed in a disciplinary procedure, where the replacement of accessory sanctions was specified, by the preparation of an Equality Plan.

If you have a group of companies, each company in that group, if it meets any of the conditions described above, must prepare an Equality Plan as well as a diagnosis of the situation by company.
The issues covered by an Equality Plan are:

  • access to employment
  • Organization of working times to facilitate reconciliation with personal, work and family life
  • Professional classification, promotion and career development
  • Continuous training
  • retribution
  • Sexual and gender-based harassment
  • Non-sexist language and communication
  • Occupational Health

Companies that do not comply with the Equality Plans may be penalized according to the degree of infringement.
The sanctions consist mainly of:

  • Automatic loss of aid, bonuses or benefits derived from the application of employment programs.
  • Elimination of said benefits for six months to two years.
  • In the case of very serious infractions such as direct or indirect discrimination based on sex, the sanctions described above can be replaced by the preparation and application of an Equality Plan in the company, if so determined by the competent labor authority. .
  • Failure to comply with the obligations established by the Workers’ Statute in terms of equality can also give rise to economic sanctions, with fines between 626 euros and 6,250 euros.
  • Another of the offenses considered “serious” is not preparing or not applying the Equality Plan, and the fines can range between 6,251 euros and 187,515 euros.

If you have any questions or need a review and audit of the Equality Plans, do not hesitate to contact us.